Jennifer Haffenden

Jennifer Haffenden

Costume Designer

Jennifer Haffenden brings to a project invigorating ideas coupled with an eye for authenticity and detail when designing costumes. Since earning a degree in Fashion Design (Ryerson University) she received a Gemini nomination for CBC's Waking Up Wally, designed the NBC series Fear Itself and has taken on such projects as designing BBC's Shoebox Zoo, A&E's Touch the Top of the World, and art directing television commercials and music videos. Jennifer had the opportunity to recreate Rick's Café Américain from Casablanca in a Zürich hotel ballroom right down to the hand-beaded lamps, carved wooden doors and neon sign. While living in Japan, she designed whimsical children's theatre costumes.

Whether she's creating Maasai warrior costumes (for a commercial shown at the Cannes Film Festival), Trapist monks' robes, or a madcap bull mascot costume for Spy Hill Prison, Jennifer approaches each project with artistic enthusiasm.

Ken Filewych


Ken Filewych

Editor / Director

Canadian Cinema Editors (CCE)

Directors Guild of Canada (DGC)

Apple Certified Pro

Ken has over 24 years of experience editing dramatic films, television series, documentaries, music video, commercials, lifestyle programs, news features and sports events.

His diverse career has included cutting over 100 episodes of Heartland — the longest running one hour drama in Canadian history on which he is currently serving as Supervising Picture Editor. Also editing Joni Mitchell’s ballet The Fiddle and the Drum, Tricia Helfer’s Walk All Over Me and the legendary band the smalls reunion tour documentary Forever Is A Long Time.

Besides editing, Ken has directed dramatic television, commercials, live sports events and was a second unit director on Ginger Snaps, The Beginning.

Ken is a founding board member of the Alberta Post Production Association (APPA). He sits on the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology’s (SAIT) Film & Video Production advisory board and has taught a variety of editing workshops. He has been a featured guest speaker at Calgary International Film Festival, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, The Motion Picture Fine Arts Program at Red Deer College, Alberta College Art and Design (ACAD), Victoria School for Performing Arts, New University Television (NuTV, University of Calgary) and various Alberta Motion Picture Industries Association's (AMPIA) seminars.

Ken has won numerous awards with dozens of nominations and his work has been featured in festivals around the world including the Toronto International Film Festival, Manchester International Film Festival (UK), Moscow International Film Festival and the New York LGBT Film Festival.

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